Classes: Tuesday & Wednesday

Where: Backwell Leisure Centre, Farleigh Rd, Backwell, Bristol BS48 3PB
When: 8.00-9.30pm
Cost: Juniors £5 Adults £6
Instructor: John James

All levels welcome

We have a relaxed and open teaching approach which hopefully allows students and instructors to develop at their own pace and their own style. Each student and each instructor brings an unique outlook and knowledge to the system – helping it to grow and evolve – without this we stand still. We are open to training in other styles and welcome practitioners of other styles equally.

The emphasis of Dragon Arnis has always been to translate technical aspects of traditional drills into applicable combat situations. A drill might have an apparently impractical skill set until someone can explain its place in the scheme – often they are there to increase coordination, flow, timing or to provide a framework on which other elements are added. In neurological terms we try and utilise the SAID principle – specific adaptation to imposed demand – which basically means your body and mind adapt only if put under pressure. A simple drill once learnt has to be stretched and changed to create other patterns of movement and results so the practitioner won’t be left with only one response to an attack. This is one of the main paradigms for Dragon Arnis – specific activity yields the greatest results.

Using the various sparring formats and innovative drills to constantly test ourselves and various techniques has always been beneficial to advancement. With 11 WEKAF & GSBA World Champions coming through the club over the years along with numerous British and European Champions and 4 British Limited Armour Champions – it must be working!

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